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Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs are connected to the door opener and garage door to lift the latter when opening. These springs also help keep the balance of the door, which is important in its smooth operation. An imbalanced door is difficult to operate causing inconvenience. This could also make the springs, the door itself, and its other parts get easily damaged. These springs are under a lot of tension, which is why they are often the first parts the get damaged. The good news is that there are replacement parts that are easily available, although, the replacement must never be done as a do-it-yourself project.Garage Door Springs

Working with door springs efficiently and safely

Our experts at Garage Door Repair Herriman specialize in the installation, repair and replacement of these springs. We have torsion and extension garage door springs available in different weight capacity. It’s important that the springs are appropriate for carrying the weight of your door. If the door is too heavy, they could snap quickly. Choosing one that can carry heavier weight may not be cost effective as these springs are often more costly. We can help you in selecting the right springs for your door. We can do the spring installation for all types of roll up and overhead doors.

As mentioned, these springs could break after some time as they are always under a lot of pressure. Do not attempt to replace them by yourself as this could cause pain and injuries. We offer professional garage door spring replacement that you can depend on. Garage Door Repair Herriman has technicians that are experienced in this field so we can do the job precisely without causing any injuries. Aside from door springs, we can also help you with everything concerning doors. From installation to garage door repair, trust that we’ll do the work with accuracy and efficiency in a timely manner. We have also teamed up with the top manufacturers in the industry to bring you high quality doors and parts, as well as openers. Our services and products are all given at a reasonable price. Another service we provide is door and opener maintenance, which you should get. 

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