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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Dealing With A Broken Spring?

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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Spring Replacement In Herriman

The electric motor in your garage door opener isn’t strong enough to raise that heavy door on its own without damaging itself. It’s able to do its job because of the powerful springs that constantly push against the weight of the door, balancing it. Of course, that means that the garage door springs get all the wear and tear that would otherwise afflict the opener. These springs might be sturdy, but even they can’t do this forever, so occasionally you will have to replace them. If you know that your springs are reaching the end of their service lives, you can prepare for this. Scheduling your garage door spring replacement in advance, before they break, will save you a lot of inconvenience and stress. Even if your springs suddenly break at the worst possible moment though, Garage Door Repair Herriman has your back!

Scheduled Or Emergency Garage Door Spring Repairs In Herriman

You can keep track of your springs’ lifespan by marking it down every time you open and close the garage door. New garage door springs come with an estimated lifespan in lift cycles, so if you keep track of your usage you can see it coming. Old springs will also get noisier, and you might see fraying, splintering, or warping as the wear and tear builds up. If you miss the chance to replace them before they break, you’ll find yourself with an unusable garage door. In that case, don’t try to open the door on a broken spring, as that can damage the opener and lift cables. Instead, call our hotline for immediate garage door spring replacement. Our team of expert technicians will be at your Herriman or nearby address within hours with your brand new springs, weekend, or weekday.

Broken Spring Replacement Professionals Near You

Broken garage door spring replacement is a more complicated task than it sounds. If you haven’t gone through the training, it’s also much more dangerous. Garage door springs operate under immense mechanical stress, and one wrong move can send them lashing or flying out across your garage. Best case scenario, you’ll have additional repairs to handle. Worst case, you or your family members could suffer serious injury or even death. Garage door springs are one of the leading causes of home maintenance injuries, so handling them is a job for the experts. Here in Herriman, the experts are readily available, have over a decade of field experience, and come with a bargain-low price tag. If you need new springs or think you will soon, all you have to do is call.


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