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Garage Door Maintenance

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Every so often, your automatic garage doors need to undergo a little maintenance to ensure that they continue to do their jobs properly. With so many factors contributing to their breakdown, homeowners simply can’t afford to skip on upkeep. An improperly maintained door might be in danger of failing unexpectedly, and even worse, might be unsafe to operate. If it has been some time since you have paid any attention to garage door maintenance at your home, then speak with one of our technicians for more information on the upkeep services that we provide. Here is a little bit more on the maintenance tasks that we can perform for you.Garage Door Maintenance

Examining Your Springs

Your garage door springs are an essential part for keeping your doors properly balanced and supported to their frames. They work in pairs on opposite ends of the door, and even when not in operation, are under immense pressure. This can cause them to show eventual stress marks which could lead to their failure. Rust, galvanic corrosion and accidents are also a reason why they might fail. If you want to ensure that your springs are doing their crucial task properly, be sure to contact one of our technicians for assistance with maintaining them.

Inspections of Safety Features

The safety features associated with your automatic opener and door are an important part of ensuring that your family can avoid injuries when handling the door. The safety cable provides additional support on top of the springs, while your sensors and opener’s reverse function stop the door from closing when there is an obstacle in the way. Regular maintenance is important to ensure that these features are working properly, so call us to make sure that your doors are always safe to use.

Lubrication of Moving Parts

Many of the moving parts in your opener and doors cause friction during their operations which can lead to their eventual wearing down and ineffectiveness. To ensure that these parts enjoy an extended and functional lifespan, have one of our technicians take care of their lubrication maintenance on a regular basis, so that they don’t suffer untimely wearing. 

Call Us for More Information on Garage Door Maintenance

So, if you are in need of reliable, affordable and thoroughly conducted maintenance, speak to one of our technicians for more information. We are highly trained to bring you garage door maintenance services that are geared towards keeping your doors and opener in working order for long years to come.

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