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Garage Door Security Features

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Garage Door Security Features

Popular Security Features | Garage Door Repair Herriman, UT

Many homeowners with a garage do not realize that their door already has some built in security features. These security features help to prevent harm to your car or injury to anyone. When you purchase a garage door, it may be a good idea to ask what type of security features it offers. The sales associates of Herriman will be happy to go over some of the safety features that are available for the types of garage doors they offer. It is also advisable to schedule garage door maintenance to ensure the features offered are always working properly.

Most Popular Security Features

  • Manual Release

This is generally a long rope attached to your garage door opener. When you need to leave and the doors will not open, it may be necessary to activate the manual release. You will need to pull on the rope to deactivate the automatic feature until the necessary repairs have been made. Continuing to use your garage door opener while it is malfunctioning could be dangerous. Make sure you purchase an opener with a manual release.

  • Reverse Sensors or Motion Detector

When something is in the path of your garage doors, these features will make your garage door lift back up until the object has been removed. If you have a small child standing under the door while it is in use, the sensor or motin detector will stop the door from coming down on top of them.

  • Auto Reverse

This is another feature, which will reverse your garage door if something is in its way.

  • Auto Closers

If you have ever been in a hurry and left your garage door open, this feature will definitely appeal to you. With an Auto Closer, you are able to schedule how long your door remains open.

Helpful Information

Knowing which types of features to inquire about before you purchase a new door will prove beneficial. You will have a brand new beautiful door and you will be able to remain safe while using your garage. This should be important to every homeowner.


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